About careers in 1b.ru

About careers in 1b.ru

Why is it good to work at Ruble Boom and 1b.ru?

1.We think highly of our employees and want them to know it.

We analyze labor market and offer competitive salary. Also we offer the system of additional bonuses and rewards.

2.Work is close to home.

You can choose the place of work close to your home!

3.We have a variety of positions!

If you have no work experience, higher education or special skills, we offer start-up career positions. If you are professional, want self-actualization in a big company, then it is possible to get well-deserved reward and solve wide-scale business issues not only in capital cities. If you are experienced, capable and knowledgeable candidate you will get an offer you will be unable to reject!

4.Life is beautiful.

Well-developed system of corporate training is a good basis for development and career growth. For some working in Ruble Boom and 1b.ru stores is a real school of beauty and personal care, for others - opportunity to participate in corporate training and presentations of leading manufacturers. At any rate you come to the right place!

5.Swifter, Higher, Stronger!

We are proud of our colleagues who run the gamut from a shop-assistant to a head of retail stores group or from a picker to a top-manager. Even if you are not interested in the managerial position, we offer career promotional within your current position, giving opportunity to study, master your proficiency and as a result get a wage raise.

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Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru attractive offers and campaigns!
Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru
attractive offers and campaigns!